Holyoke Community College - September 28, 2014, 11 AM

Holyoke Community College - 303 Homestead Avenue, Holyoke, MA.

Parents and kids register below!

Your First Mud Run is coming back to Massachusetts! This years race will take place September 28th at the Holyoke Community College, where we've set up a 2 mile course that runs through the campus. We're hoping to get a huge local college turnout so make sure tell all your friends! Registration is now open.

Course Info: 

All Courses will be between 1.25 and 2.0 miles.

Your First Mud Run Race may include any or all of the obstacles below:

  • "Mud Pit" (Stay low through the mud pit)
  • "Terrible Tires" (No wipe outs running through about 60 old car tires)
  • "Ultimate Wall Climb" (Hope you won't need help climbing over a 6' high wall)
  • "Tubes of Terror" (Don't get stuck crawling through muddy tubes)
  • "Death Hill" (Can you survive a 1/2 mile of uphill run at end of race)
  • "Brutal Balance Beams" (Don't lose your balance and wipeout after 2 grueling miles)
  • "Tire Carry" (Carry two tires on your shoulders around our "tire carry" course)
  • "Heavy Jump Rope" (You've never jumped rope like this) *New This Year!
  • "Paint / Color" (We add color to our mud run) * New This Year

Parents and kids can run together! There will be obstacles for both on the course. The kids obstacles will be the same as the adult ones only smaller in size.