Family Obstacle Course Races

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register for kids mud runComing home covered in mud with a beam on your face isn’t just for grownups. More and more family obstacle races for kids are springing up. Your First Mud Run offers a great family obstacle course race that is challenging yet fun for all ages from 5 years old and up!

The boom in family obstacle course racing (OCR) and mud runs is showing no sign of slowing. There are now more events in more parts of the United States than ever – including those designed just for kids. Find a Race’s OCR aficionado, Stuart Amory, says: “We are all still kids. Some of us are bigger than others but we all love the thrill of climbing over something without our parent’s consent, getting downright wet and muddy and being rewarded with something at the end of the day.  What is great about this is that both the adults and kids obstacle races have many waves start times so a family can all race at the same event.”

If you have an adventurous child or looking for a way to bond with your family, then check out our family obstacle course races in 2018. Our family obstacle races are designed for the beginner in mind and are full of fun. May be we do not have a family obstacle race in your area, then find out how you can bring our family obstacle race to your community and raise money for your favorite charity or organization.

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Map of Our Family Obstacle Course Races

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