Kids Obstacle Challenge Course

Obstacle courses for kids can be a great way to invite them to go out and have fun. Especially if the kids obstacle challenge is in the MUD! In an age where kids are more keen to play on the computer or their video game consoles, there is no better way to encourage them to enjoy outdoor fun than with a kid obstacle course race.

In the Spring and Summer months, you are always looking for things your kids can do that will teach them and let them have some fun outside. Our family mud runs in New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Massachusetts and New York are the perfect kid’s obstacle challenge races. Here are a few ideas for obstacle courses for kids that you can try on parties, summer camps, or in your child’s everyday outdoor activity.

Our Kid-Friendly Obstacles

father and son mud run

We have 15 obstacles that are perfect for kids and adults to climb, crawl and jump through. Kids love to see that big inflatable wall or even the mud pit and know they get to conquer it with their family. Each of our kid mud runs has a kids mud run map at help participants understand the adventure that awaits them. We are in the business of making memories and empowering kids through our tough mudder kids races.

What you get after a Kids Obstacle Challenge Race

Besides the many memories and good times that our kids obstacle race will create, you also get a medal and T-shirt for each participant. Learn about all the great stuff you get from running our kids mud run here.

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