How to Choose Your First Mud Run

How to Choose Your First Mud Run

Choosing the right family mud run race for you is very important when you have never done a family mud run before. There are 6 things you should do to have a great “first mud run” experience, and we will list and explain below:

6 Tips For Your Best Family Mud Run Yet

1. Be Honest with Yourself

Before we can really look into what family mud run race is best for you, you need to fairly evaluate your athleticism and fitness level. Are you very athletic, athletic, no so athletic or very uncoordinated?  Are you in great shape, OK shape, below average or bad shape? If you are not at least in OK shape, and athletic, you may get hurt at certain events in the family obstacle course race.

2. Start Easy

So many people try to make the Spartan Race Beast their first race… that’s a bad idea. Some companies have several levels of races like spartan race starts with the “sprint”, but others do not and you might be in over your head with them. One event, “Your First Mud Run” is the only event in the nation specifically designed for first timers, so if you can, start with that race. A good tip, is to check out the pictures of the event and the Facebook or blog posts about the race. Obviously, you can look at the pictures and see if some of the events are likely too much for you and by reading the posts, you can get a gauge on the intensity level based on what most people say about it. If all the posts say something like “holy cow, I barely survived… then you might want to avoid that race, but if they say “wow, that was so much fun for the whole family” then that might be the race for you.

3. Call or Email Mud Run Company Directly With Questions

No one knows the race better than the people who run the event. Tell them honestly where your fitness and athletic levels are and they can give you great insight as to how good their race is for you.

4. Find out the exact course layout of the Family Obstacle Race

The most important thing about the layout is, how many hills are on the course. A good example is: many races are held at ski resorts. Ski resorts have HUGE hills obviously and that means that even if its a short race with relatively easy obstacles, it will still be very hard for someone that’s not in great shape and going downhill will be even harder if you have bad knees.

5. Train for the Family Mud Run Race

You should train in 2 ways for at least 1 month before your event. One aspect of your training should just be general strength and conditioning so you’re in shape, but the other really important aspect should be to familiarize yourself with the obstacles you will encounter. You won’t easily find these obstacles at your local gym, so you may need to go to the local park or hiking trail and simulate some of the events. Make sure you are good at getting over at least a 6-foot wall, crawling on your belly, doing burpees, carrying at least a 20-pound object and climbing ropes.

6. Come Prepared for the Family Mud Run

1. A change of clothes. 2. Towels for the car. 3. Do not bring your car keys or phone with you on the race (you will likely lose them) 4. Bring gel packs so you have something with which to replenish energy while out on the course. 5. Run with a friend. 6. Wear clothes you don’t care about. 7. Get to the race at least an hour early and WARM UP! 8. Bring all registration paperwork just in case.

There’s a lot you can consider about a race like how far away it is and the price, but the 6 aspects mentioned above are the most important to keep you from having a bad experience and getting hurt. Mud runs and obstacle races are truly great events that can literally be life-changing when you challenge yourself and accomplish a goal, but it will all be for nothing if you hurt yourself.