Choosing the Best Mud Run Sneaker

Choosing the Best Mud Run Sneaker

In this article we will discuss how to chose the best sneaker for you depending on what time of athlete you are and what kind of race it is.

Sneaker option 1: Brooks Adrenaline GTX. This sneaker is great if there’s a lot of hills in your race and this brand has a Goretex membrane that will keep you feet “kinda” dry.¬†price – $135

Sneaker option 2: Inov-8 Mudclaw 300. This shoe is your best option if your race is exceptionally muddy. As the name implies, its great at maneuvering through deep mud. You may be saying to yourself “doesn’t every mud run have mud?” And you would be correct, but not all mud runs are created equal. For example, we have found that the “muddiest” race you will likely find is the Warrior dash which prides themselves on having mud pits that will go nearly to your ears and are so sloppy, its literally hard to get out of them. Price – $120

Sneaker option 3: Saucony Kinvara TR. This will be your best option if the course is mostly challenging terrain and trails. This shoe is designed to protect your foot from rocks and branches with its EBO plate. Price – $100

Sneaker option 4: Merrell Trail Glove. Choose this shoe if your race features many challenging obstacles. This shoe has exceptional maneuverability and will help you navigate the toughest obstacles. Price – $110

Sneaker option 5: Any cheap pair of new sneakers. Here’s a little secret that I use when I do my races… I go online and get 2 new pairs for $30 – $50. People will argue with me and say that those are crappy sneakers and don’t have the support of the more expensive sneakers and you may hurt your knees or feet. That’s not true, they are crappier sneakers, but only in the sense that they won’t last. They will be plenty supportive and be great for just 1 race. Remember, after only 1 race even the best sneakers get pretty beat up and most people give them away to charity at the events. I don’t know about you, but I cant afford to spend $100 extra every race for a new pair of sneakers.

Obviously, there’s a lot to consider and a really big point is, how serious are you? if your are looking to win the NJ mud run race, then obviously invest in 1 of the first 4 options that will give you a slight competitive advantage, but if you’re just looking to have fun and enjoy a great event, option 5 may be best for you (and me).