How Long Does a Mud Run Take?

How Long Does a Mud Run Take?

If you’ve been thinking about trying your first mud run, you may be asking yourself how long will it take? “Some mud runs say it will take me 45-90 minutes – am I in over my head?”

Your First Mud Run is intended for beginners of all ages and takes between 20-45 minutes to complete. Those who are participating for the first time may take around 45 minutes, and that’s okay! There is no rush; the main takeaway is to have fun! 

Mud Run Overview

Our courses range from 1.5-2 miles in length and feature 10-20 obstacles. Your completion time may vary depending on the length of the course, the number of obstacles, and your athletic ability. 

One can expect fun, but challenging, obstacles along the way that include climbing and crawling. It is a great way to spend time with your family and enjoy a fun-filled day. Want to raise money for your organization? Mud runs also make great fundraisers for your organization–contact us to learn more!

Family vs. “Serious” Mud Runs

Family mud runs’ main focus is to provide a fun atmosphere. All obstacles are designed for all ages. If an obstacle is too difficult there is no pressure to complete it. This is not a competitive mud run. Serious mud runs can take up to 1-2 hours to complete and tend to be far longer. Our family mud run allows you to have bonding time with your family and gives you a chance to get outdoors. 

Mud Runs for Kids vs. Mud Runs for Adults

Mud runs geared towards younger kids have a shorter course to complete. Courses can range up to 1.5 to 2 miles in length. Within the course there are fewer obstacles when compared to an adult course. Obstacles for adults also are set at higher difficulty levels. Adult mud runs are a great way to challenge yourself and keep your body active. 

Kids’ Mud Run

Having mud runs designed for kids sparks their interest in staying healthy and active. What kid doesn’t want to play in mud? We encourage all kids to participate (we can accommodate kids aged 5 and older). They can take on the challenge alone, with a group of friends, or with family. To keep everyone safe and having a great time, we remind you that kids under 13 must be accompanied by an adult. 

Take Your Time at Your First Mud Run

Take your time and enjoy the experience of Your First Mud Run. Race through the course as fast as you can or slow it down and have fun with your kids. The memories you will make together as a family will be timeless. 

Check out our schedule of mud run events and find a mud run near you!