GARFIELD, NJ — The city of Garfield New Jersey will be hosting a Mud Run on May 27 as part of their centennial events and with a portion of the proceeds being donated to the Garfield Veterans of Foreign Wars (VFW).

The two-mile family mud run course will be comprised of 10 to 14 obstacles at Century Field including climbing over tires, under ropes, crawling through mud and climbing over a wall. The goal is to raise $15,000 to purchase an 8 to 10 person van for transportation of veterans to community events, funerals, meetings and medical appointments, Post Commander Irwin Wasserman said.

“The VFW does so much for our community, we want to do something for them,” Mayor Richard Rigoglioso said. “Our veterans completed their obstacle course in training and throughout life after serving. This mud run represents those obstacles on a smaller scale.”

mud run obstacle crawlCompetitors can also raise money for other organizations including schools, local sports teams and non profits from other towns. Registration ahead of the event is $43 and $60 the day of. A total of $10 will be donated, with $5 automatically donated to the VFW and $5 going to the charity of the participant’s choice.

The mud run is family friendly with kids six years old and up able to participate. There will be adult and kid courses, with the kid obstacles being smaller versions of the adult course. Rigoglioso encourages all ages at all levels of fitness to register. Participates can walk through the course as a family or run it side by side and everyone will receive a medal and t-shirt.

Food, children’s entertainment, a photo-booth and flea market are also planned for the event.

“We want this to be a big event, we don’t want you to just run and go home,” Rigoglioso said.

About 10 years ago, the VFW was on brink of closing. They pulled together, and with their own funds and some help from the city, the organization was built back up again, Wasserman said. “We were once the biggest VFW in Bergen County and I envision us getting back there,” he said.

VFW Service Officer Davis Castro said Garfield is a veteran-friendly town and believes more veterans will move into the city.

The VFW currently has 20 active members. It hosts Meals with Mission, runs a scholarship program and the Blue Star program. The Blue Star program is for students who have family actively serving in the military. Twenty-six middle school students are currently enrolled in the program. Veterans and Blue Star students have visited Freedom Tower, Intrepid, West Point and military reenactments. On Memorial Day, the veterans and students will visit cemeteries and put flags on graves that have military markings. The goal is to expand the program to high school students and seniors who will enroll in military service, said Blue School Coordinator Marie Marx.

Anyone interested in participating in the mud run is encouraged to signup as soon as possible.

The mud run is part of the city’s centennial celebration.

Source: City Mud Run will benefit Garfield VFW

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