Our mud run events are some of world’s most interactive and demanding because participants use their mental skills to help guide them through our unique obstacle course. This personalized mud run interaction creates a more exciting event, a more challenging event, as well as a more unique mud run to help offer some diversity from the fast-spreading mud run mill. One of our kids mud runs in NJ, NY, PA or MA emphasizes fun, because fun is more rewarding than products. And to maximize fun, we want to help ensure the safety of its event. A Your First Mud Run event is a mud run that requires kids and families to jump, crawl, climb, and exercise through play-ground activities. So there is an element of danger involved. But that shouldn’t discourage the amount of fun a mud runner can and should have. That is why we are offering these mud run tips and suggestions to its to help them have a safe and fun mud race event.

The obstacles that are appearing in the mud runs are becoming obvious. They will still have the play-ground foundation that all mud run events present, but there has never been a moment in any of our lives where playing on a playground didn’t end up with a first-aid kit intervention. This faster-paced environment of a mud run race and more participants, weighing anywhere between 50 pounds to 250, the chances of serious injury can increase. So here are a few common sense tips to help our mud runners maximize their level experience while racing safe:

While waiting for the start of the race, take a good look around you. There are bodies to your left and there are bodies to your right. And there are bodies behind you, and quite possibly in front of you as well. You are surrounded by a lot of mass with a lot of energy. And at any moment during the initial chaos of a kids mud run, anyone of those bodies can fall and cause harm. This is where you are most likely to occur injury. So unless you are gung-ho about being first in line, don’t be afraid to start from the back of the mud run race. You’ll be able to work at your own pace, and still finish safely.

A staple element for any mud run is… well mud. But enter carefully. These pits can be shallow or slippery, so never dive. Take slow steps when entering mud run race elements, just to avoid any missteps that may cause a twisted ankle or worse, a broken neck. Once inside, pace with short strides. This will help you maintain a better feel for the muddy terrain.

Same as the first tip, avoid the crowds. With our family or kid mud runners barreling over these walls, not everyone is going to look before landing. And you don’t want to be a person who gets landed on. So try to jump over quickly and before climbing the mud walls, again, avoid the crowds! Someone could misstep and by mistake use your face as a wrung. Overall, avoid the crowds.

Water obstacles can cause serious intimidation, or worse death. An unfortunate participant during some of the first ever mud run events met his untimely death as a result of a water obstacle. This is why it is important to know how strong of a swimmer you are. If you are intimidated, simply skip the obstacle. There is no shame in being alive after a mud run race. If you can handle it, make sure you’re a great pair of mud run shoes.

They look fun and look easy to traverse. However, you won’t realize how unbalanced it is until you actually try to climb it with your muddy shoes. Start slowly, and always make sure you have 3 points on the net. Either 2 hands and 1 foot, or 2 feet and 1 hand. These can certainly be fun, but just pace yourself, and as always, avoid the crowds.

By following these simple mud run safety tips you will be sure to have a fun mud run. Whether you are running in your first mud run or are a seasoned veteran mud runner, safety should always be the top priority. Check out all of our upcoming mud run events to see when you can try out these new safety tips.