13 Things Only Family Mud Runners Know

13 Things Only Family Mud Runners Know

Mud running is a culture all its own. Planning on wearing a cotton T-shirt to your mud run? Have you stocked up on compression gear? Don’t worry; you’ll have everything you need from our list of things only a hard-core mud runner would know, but that every family mud runner should know!

You will use muscles you didn’t even know existed.

Do not wear cotton.

Do not wear to during a family mud or a kids mud run. Remember that this is mud run, so you can expect to encounter a lot of slimy brown stuff. Regular cotton clothing will most likely be stained for life, so you are better off investing in high-quality polyester or spandex gear that mud and dirt can be washed out of easily. Compression gear will be your best friend, as wet, muddy, loose-fit clothes will sag heavily off your body, making running difficult.

Forget about expensive running shoes.

Five-toe shoes or minimalistic trail running shoes are the way to go. Normal running shoes end up buried in mud pits and tend to be slippery when trying to climb muddy slopes.

Remember the important things.

If your mud run provides freebies, be sure to leave the voucher/ tag with your bags in check in or with a non-runner. You never know what will or will not survive the family mud run.

Family mud running is a community.

You might see the same families or runners if you frequent more than one family mud run. Helping out your fellow family mud runners are expected, especially difficult obstacles or sections of the course. If you don’t, you may just find that karma will come back to you.

Family mud runs are much more fun in groups.

Doing a family mud run alone doesn’t give you the full experience. A running buddy can cheer you on and lend a helping hand on those nearly impossible obstacles, and then share post-run stories.

It’s called a Mud RUN not a Mud Race.

A family mud run and mud running in general is about challenging yourself and your teammates. You’ll know the non-mud runners if they ask you what your best “mud run time” is.

Train for those obstacles, just in case.

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Hit the local playground with your kids after your sign up for a family mud run. Those monkey bars aren’t as easy as they were as a kid.

Hand and grip strength will be your secret weapon.

Always take a before and after picture of your family and kids.

Even better if you post on social media.

Water will be your friend.

Bring your own water – for both drinking and avoiding the long lines at the washing stations.

Be sure to bring a post-family mud run change of clothes.

This includes underwear for you and your kids. You will ruin your cars upholstery. There is no need for that!

Anyone can do a mud run.

Enjoy the challenge with your family and kids.