PARSIPPANY, NJ– Everyone loves to play in the mud. Especially when it’s for a good cause.

“Your First Mud Run” was held with almost 200 runners making their way through a two mile long obstacle course, mud included, to help cut the cost of prom.

“To help lower the cost of prom bids we used this MUD RUN AS A FUNDRAISER,” said Jen Fedo, senior class advisor at PARSIPPANY HIGH SCHOOL.

The course had 15 obstacles with climbing over walls, ropes, through tunnels, tire pulls, exercise and of course a mud crawl. The mud was fresh because a hose was constantly running and sometimes the runner was sprayed as they crawled.

Last year’s event raised almost $4,000, said Fedo.

mud run hug“It’s a great family event and brings parents and kids together,” Fedo added. “But the best part is the mud,” she declared.

Source: Crawling through the mud and climbing over walls for prom