What to Bring to a Kids Mud Run & Kids Obstacle Course Race on the Beach

What to Bring to a Kids Mud Run & Kids Obstacle Course Race on the Beach

In a mud run, you want to be prepared. Here’s what to take with you on race day to gracefully manage the muddiness that you and your kids will be enjoying during a kid’s mud run race.
There are some essentials that you will need to pack or bring to the family mud run event in New Jersey. As a parent, you know that being prepared is the name of the game when you have kids that love kids spartan races and kids obstacle courses. So here is the top ten list of items that you should bring to a kids mud run in NJ and especially a family mud run on the beach.

Top items to bring to a kids mud run and kids obstacle course on the beach:

1. Footwear– Bring the right sneakers for the kids mud run for you and your children. Since you will be running in sand and mud, be sure to tie them tight. After the race, remember to bring sandals or a change of footwear to help your feet dry out.

2. Sunscreen– Having waterproof sunscreen for your kids and yourself will help in preventing unwanted sunburn. Nobody likes to be burnt and sore from a kids mud run together.

3. Bring Cash, ID and A Race Waiver– Some racers get so caught up in getting the kids mud run and mentally preparing for it, that they forget the first step which registration for the family mud run. That is why having a pre-race checklist would help you remember your cash and ID like a drivers license. Usually, there will be race waivers for our kids mud run events at the registration table before the kids mud run.

4. Bring Recovery Food– You will be hungry after the family mud run in NJ, so be sure to pack snacks for the kids and your self in order to replace the calories you just burnt off. Also making sure that your kids eat a good breakfast before a kids mud run will help them have a ton of energy.

kids mud run rinse station5. A Gallon Of Water– Most or our kids mud run events will have a “rinse off station or area”, but just in case bring a gallon of water to get all that mud off before you and your kids head home.

6. Beach Towels– Sure you are at the beach so why not bring beach towels. No really, the beach towel will help dry you off and even serve as an emergency change tent if needed.

7. A Change of Clothes– You will not want to be driving home after the kids mud run race in the same clothes as you started the kids obstacle course in. So be sure to bring comfortable clothes for your kids and yourself to change into.

8. Trash Bags– Now that you have changed out of those muddy and wet clothes, what do you do with them? Trash bags of course! Trash bags are a super-handy way of storing your mud run clothes temporarily until you can get home to wash them. Be sure to take them out and wash them right when you get home or else they will begin to smell.

9. Baby Wipes & Deodorant– packing these items will help you freshen up in case you want to take the family out for a post kids mud run race celebration!

10. Camera– You will want to remember the moment you and your family accomplished your first kids mud run together. So be sure to make sure your cell phone is charged and able to take a ton of pictures. You can even bring a disposable camera if you do not want to get your phone muddy.