Mud Runs can be a fun family weekend activity or a challenging athletic event. All mud runs will incorporate mud as a prominent feature of the race, but the obstacles and courses vary from race to race. However, how to dress for these fitness challenges is standard for most races to ensure you perform well and have a good time! If you’re getting ready to start your next mud run, or maybe signed up for your first, be sure to dress right.

Mud runs come in a variety of difficulty levels ranging from hardcore courses like Tough Mudder to family runs like Your First Mud Run. Depending on the type of race you run, you should expect different obstacles and challenges. Generally, courses incorporate running, climbing, rolling, crawling, jumping, and lifting; some even include swimming.

Regardless of the changes between races, it’s essential you dress right for the occasion.


Your First Mud Run is a beginner race that anyone can participate in and have fun. Our course consists of a variety of inflatable obstacles, climbing obstacles, and a lot of mud. This mud run is a great first race for any type of participant, and if you can’t finish an obstacle, you can always skip it.

To learn more about how we can make your first mud run a great memory, contact us today at (800) 563-0126 or send us a message on our contact page!


  1. Durable Shoes

During your mud run, you’ll want a durable shoe with good traction to keep you safe from slipping and falling. We recommend wearing a pair of shoes you don’t mind getting dirty or are looking to get rid of anyway. Your shoes will get very dirty, and very muddy, so definitely don’t wear a new pair of shoes. If you can, shoes with bigger treads tend to work better in the mud, but they’re not essential to complete one of our mud runs.

In addition, you’ll want shoes that drain well, so they don’t hold water.

  1. Form-Fitting Shirts

A good shirt is essential for a good first mud run. Like with your shoes, don’t wear a shirt you like! You will get messy, muddy, and dirty during your run, so we recommend wearing an old shirt, or a cheap shirt that you can throw out afterward. However, not all types of shirts are good for a mud run. The best type of shirt would be a form-fitting shirt; this is so it does not get caught on the obstacles. If you can, a moisture-wicking shirt works great for a mud run to keep you dry.

In addition, we highly recommend against wearing cotton. A cotton shirt will stretch when wet, absorb water and mud, and probably cause a fair bit of chafing.

  1. Old Socks

It goes without saying that you’re not going to want to wear your good socks to a mud run. Socks with a good amount of padding will help protect your feet when mud, rocks, or other debris get into your shoe.

  1. Shorts

Your First Mud Run is a beginner mud run, so you don’t need to worry about some of the hardcore options more seasoned mud runners use. For our race, we recommend shorts or leggings. These are great options since you can be highly mobile in them, just don’t wear a pair you’d hate to lose. Your shorts or leggings will get muddy and dirty, and so will your underwear.

More experienced mud runners will use compression shorts or pants for their mud runs, but it’s not essential for running our beginner mud runs. Make sure your pants can be tied tight, so you don’t have to worry about them slipping off during the race. As for underwear, ideally, try to wear something that isn’t cotton. For the same reasons as above, once they get wet, they’ll stretch, become uncomfortable, and probably cause chafing. If you have compression underwear or tighter non-cotton underwear, that will work best.

  1. Anything Else?

Be wary of bringing anything not absolutely necessary into the racecourse; there’s a good likelihood it will fall off and get lost. If you want pictures, Your First Mud Run has photographers on hand who take pictures of contestants. You’re not going to want to carry a camera in the mud.

Glasses and sunglasses shouldn’t be worn unless they’re necessary for you to see. Like with cameras, more than likely, they will fall off and get lost in the mud. In addition, they’ll get annoying very fast. Every jump, drop, crawl, or step will cause them to slip down your face. If you need to wear them, we recommend using a strap to keep them tight fitting.

If you’re going to wear gloves, you can purchase gloves specifically designed for races and obstacle courses, but rubber gardening gloves also work well. The goal is to get you the extra grip when you need it, even when you’re covered in mud. Gloves aren’t needed for our course, though.


Dress for success for your next mud run. You’ll thank yourself for wearing the right clothes, as it’ll make a world of difference. Most importantly, have fun and be safe! At Your First Mud Run, we make mud runs fun for the whole family. Our entry-level courses are available for contestants five and up, and you don’t need to be in peak physical fitness to compete. We make it easier than ever to participate in your first of many mud run races! To learn more about our mud runs, contact us today at (800) 563-0126.